I am a stand for equity, equality, justice, love, and acceptance for all people. 

I have very strong values that I live and breathe, and it’s SO important for me to speak up and out about the things that matter to me. 

I was born and raised in Northern California to a bicultural family - my mom is from Oklahoma and my dad from Iran. I married a German, and we’ve moved back and forth between Germany and California. This has shaped me in being open and interested in very different people and cultures of all kinds from a very young age. 

Here are a few things I’m a stand for:

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Uplifting the Marginalized, Disenfranchised, and the Oppressed

I believe it is most urgent to care for, empower, and uplift the marginalized, the disenfranchised, and the oppressed, and to do away with all systems of oppression including patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy, and colonialism. 

These are the main overarching, insidious systems that I feel create abuse, trauma, and oppression globally and must be dismantled. 

I truly believe that by empowering those who have been disempowered, by uplifting women, by uplifting the dreamers and the creators and the compassionate sensitive souls, we can create new paradigms that are loving instead of fearful, and that are in service to all. 

Bringing Back Integrity to Leadership in the Coaching Industry

I get FIRED up when I see coaches upholding the very systems of patriarchy, capitalism, and oppression that they claim to want to overcome. I see many coaches talk about “feminine energy” and “feminine leadership” while they act from a wounded masculine place. 

It upsets me to see fear tactics or manipulation used or when I see people leading from a place of ego - making it all about them, talking bad about others, acting like they have the only solution, or acting from scarcity and competition instead of abundance and collaboration. 

It’s really important to me to be in integrity and to not do anything simply for the look of it. 

my values

Recognizing where certain beliefs and privileges are internalized in me, and taking ownership and responsibility for where I can do the work within me first. 

Actively trying to inform and educate myself as much as I can about how Colonialism and White Supremacy impact coaching spaces and my work. 

Really learning - and relearning - so that I can offer spaces that are as safe as possible for everyone, including people of color, to bring their full experience and full self. 


above all, I'm a stand for you-

the mothers, the seekers, the healers, the dreamers, the mystics, the intuitives, the empaths, and the sensitive souls.  

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Listening to others and uplifting their voices. 

Investing in mentors, coaches and healers who don’t look like me or have the same lived experiences as me. 

Donating as much as I can to causes that are in alignment. 

Running my business differently so it doesn’t fall into a capitalist, patriarchal model, no matter how big it gets. That means, from the way I run it, inside and out, taking measures to break down hierarchy, continue to be accessible to people, and keep things as equitable and in integrity as possible. 

Offering scholarships or sliding scales to those who need them and genuinely can’t afford the work. 


“Through coaching with Leila, I have been able to find answers and move past so many of my doubts and fears. She has a very unique and gentle way to guide you through your intentions and find immediate solutions for them. Her technique is powerful and on point. She always helps you to connect to your own answers within. I feel heartfelt gratitude for our work together!”

-Nilima Surve 

“Leila has a way about her that immediately puts you at ease and allows for your deepest things to come to the surface. Her wisdom, insight, and her energy facilitate powerful transformation. She’s an expert at holding a safe space of compassion, and coaching with her is like building a relationship with a best friend and a mentor in one. If you are looking to better yourself or call more into your life, Leila is the one to help you get there!”

-Hannah Weber

“Creating an atmosphere that is accepting, encouraging and kind, Leila invites you on a journey to explore. Talking with her is always a great opportunity to reflect, dig deeper and be brave. She is such a genuine, funny and humble person! I always love going straight to the core with her and playing with it, seeing what we can find. But also to cut the crap and be honest with each other. It’s with a lot of respect and gratitude that I open up to her and enjoy that space.”

-Emma Johansson

Here’s what others have asked!

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What if I’ve never done coaching before?

What if I can’t pinpoint a specific problem or area that I want to work on?

No problem at all! There are no prerequisites required for working together. We will design sessions based on whatever feels right.

Totally fine - and totally normal! Most people don’t know what it is they actually want, just what they don’t. I will always meet you where you’re at right now. We can work together to uncover what your vision for your life is, and how we can get you there.

Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! Isn’t there a bigger payment plan??

I want this investment in yourself to feel really good, so I am always open to discussing payment plans that make this a possibility. You are worth it!

I don’t think I have time for this??

Carving out time for yourself is the best gift you could give to you as well as the people around you who you love the most. The work we do within is always reflected externally. By dedicating time to yourself, your whole life can change.