That meant that, as an adult, though my life looked good on paper, I was disconnected and disempowered from my truth and purpose, and it was incredibly painful.

My relationship wasn’t the one. 
My job felt like a betrayal of my true self. 
I struggled with anxiety and feeling disconnected.

I could see the box that I was supposed to fit into, starting with my career in the tech world, but it didn’t feel like me. 

As a child, I often felt too sensitive, too deep, and too different for the world. The culture doesn’t view these things as strengths, and so I didn’t either. 

I'm Leila,

So, in the midst of my Saturn Return, I booked a one way plane ticket to Europe and went on a journey to find myself. 

and I’m Here to Initiate Compassionate Dreamers into their World-Changing Soul Work. 

It was there that I reconnected with my now husband. I moved to Germany, and we got married. 

My whole life started changing. FAST

Being so far from my previous world and everyone I knew gave me the space to do some real soul searching. I spent a lot of time alone dreaming, writing, and taking pictures of new places and cultures I was experiencing. 

I got to know myself in a really deep and intimate way. 

something big was still missing.

I craved work that I was passionate about and where I could be of service and use my gifts in the world. So, on the eve of learning I was pregnant, I decided to go all-in with coaching.

Things immediately started coming together and clicking into place. THIS was what I had always dreamt of doing in the world!

I got to be my whole true self.
I got to help others heal and awaken and transform and live their truest highest expression.
I got to combine my degree in psychology with my interests in human behavior and spirituality and ancient wisdom and astrology.

I expected to feel completely fulfilled, married to my soulmate and traveling the world. But I felt directionless and without purpose. 

It showed me the deeper meaning that’s there if we just let ourselves look.

It taught me to trust my instincts, my intuition, and my power more than anything else. 

It reminded me of the impact of my own healing.

It reminded me how precious and short life is and why I could never not be all in on my soul’s work.


Want to walk together through your own rite of passage so you can come out of hiding and share your unique magic with the world?

I learned that the deepest truest parts of me that I thought were wrong - my sensitivity, my depth, my empathy - were actually my superpowers.

it's time →

Finding my way to what I’m here to do became finding my way back to my soul. It continues to heal and expand me in ways I couldn’t have even dreamed of. 

This is what I guide others in, infusing my training, certifications, and experience in psychology, trauma healing, holistic and spiritual life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and being a postpartum doula. 

for the awakening, healing, and transformation of the planet


“Through coaching with Leila, I have been able to find answers and move past so many of my doubts and fears. She has a very unique and gentle way to guide you through your intentions and find immediate solutions for them. Her technique is powerful and on point. She always helps you to connect to your own answers within. I feel heartfelt gratitude for our work together!”

-Nilima Surve 

“Leila has a way about her that immediately puts you at ease and allows for your deepest things to come to the surface. Her wisdom, insight, and her energy facilitate powerful transformation. She’s an expert at holding a safe space of compassion, and coaching with her is like building a relationship with a best friend and a mentor in one. If you are looking to better yourself or call more into your life, Leila is the one to help you get there!”

-Hannah Weber

“Creating an atmosphere that is accepting, encouraging and kind, Leila invites you on a journey to explore. Talking with her is always a great opportunity to reflect, dig deeper and be brave. She is such a genuine, funny and humble person! I always love going straight to the core with her and playing with it, seeing what we can find. But also to cut the crap and be honest with each other. It’s with a lot of respect and gratitude that I open up to her and enjoy that space.”

-Emma Johansson