Overcome Anxiety by Aligning to your Authenticity

Anxiety is something that I struggled with for most of my life.

I’ve gone through various stages of believing that it meant something was wrong with me, that it was something I had to hide and something that made me weak, to believing it was just a fact of my life and personality and something I would have to live with and tolerate.

But where I am now, anxiety is something I know, recognize, understand, manage, and is a voice that has slowly quieted and faded away, only creeping up very rarely in periods of extreme change and transition. And when that happens, it’s a voice I can calm, soothe, and send away very quickly.

Anxiety comes from not living in the present moment and from not living in alignment with our authentic selves.

It does NOT have to be a lifelong debilitating “illness” that keeps you from doing things you wish you could do or being the person that you long to be (hint: your authentic self)

When you learn the tools and techniques to quiet your mind, live intentionally, mindfully, and consciously, then you slowly begin to live each day in the present, and as your true, authentic self, with a mind that is free and clear.

My method of overcoming anxiety is to align your life with your authentic self.

So let me break down these two concepts, which I believe are the keys to curing anxiety.

Who is your Authentic Self?

When I talk about your authentic self, what I mean is your essence, your spirit, your soul; You underneath all of your fears, beliefs, projections, wounds, thoughts, pain, and experiences. The authentic you is the you with infinite wisdom and a deep knowing that you are whole, complete, and worthy; that at your core, you are (just like we all are) light, bright, and love.

Accessing this part of you, this true you, starts with understanding your beliefs, fears, stories, and pain. It comes when you can identify where they come from, how, why, and when they formed. You also need to analyze them and ask yourself, are they real? What can you leave behind and let go?

Your authentic self is your inner wise one. The one you can call on and trust to know what is best. The voice that you can always turn to and rely on to show you the way forward. She is love. She is the best, highest, most authentic you. She is not something that you have to strive for or change to become and embody. She is already within you; you only have to Unlearn and Unbecome to reconnect and find her deep within.

What does it mean to live in alignment?

Living in alignment means there is no gap between who you are, what you want, and how you are living your life. The wider this gap is, the more out of alignment your life is, and the more anxiety you will experience. The smaller the difference is (aka, the more aligned your life is), the more you will feel happier, fulfilled, at ease, and inflow. Living in alignment means knowing who you are, what you want, and making decisions from that place. It’s when you put yourself first and create a life that you are continually and consciously creating when you are in choice around how you spend your time and energy.

Through reconnecting to who you are, what you want, what you love, what your passionate about, what your strengths are, what your magic is, what your deepest desires are – you are able to step into your highest, truest, most authentic self, and create a life that is in alignment with that.

Living in this way, by aligning your life to your authentic nature, you overcome anxiety, disconnection, stuckness, and instead truly step into your power and live a life of ease and flow.

You weren’t born this way, and there’s nothing wrong with you.

You aren’t doomed to live a life of stress, fear, and worry. You just have to reconnect with your authenticity, with your essense, your light, your soul. And choose her over everything. I promise you she’s worth it.


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