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Choosing Freedom: Why Feeling Free is a Priority in my Life


I’m writing to you from a room with a view of the sun-drenched coast on the Baltic Sea. 

This little corner of the Earth,
an island off the northeastern coast of Germany,
right on the border of Poland,
previously would have never been in my field of vision,
but it has become a routine little getaway for my family and me since I moved to Berlin.

This island, called Usedom, is a 3-hour drive from the city through the countryside…
Through green fields and bright red poppy’s lining the road.

On the island there’s a long promenade following the white sand beach, leading to a small pier on each end.  As you walk or ride your bike leisurely along the promenade, with the sparkling sea on one side and pine forests on the other, you pass a long stretch of opulent 1920’s villas, in French Renaissance style and art nouveau.

Spending the week here has got me thinking a lot about the art of the way we live our lives.  

Each one of us is so unique, and every little choice and decision we make, from the food we use to nourish our bodies, to the places we choose to escape to on the weekends, are all a creative expression unique to us and our lifestyle.

Our core values are an integral part of this individuality.

What comes through for me, and something I’ve come to realize about myself, is that freedom is one of my most important core values. 

Meaning, I feel the most joyful, alive, and inspired when I feel free in my life.

As women, many of us have internalized the narrative that our value lies in how much we give to others, and there’s an idea out there that having kids is the “kiss of death” for your freedom (it’s definitely a fear I, and many women I know, have held.) But I’m really working on writing a different story, by consciously and intentionally honoring my values and what’s important to me, and continually striving for my ideal life.

For me, the things that make me feel free are:

  • Me time. I feel free when I have time to take care of myself and meet my needs.
  • Nature. Connecting with nature always refreshes my sense of freedom and gratitude.
  • Space. I feel free when I give and allow myself space and time in my schedule to do nothing, be still and calm, to relax and reflect.

But nothing infuses me with a greater sense of freedom than getting out of my daily routine, changing up the scenery and going somewhere new.

I find that doing this centers me, grounds me fully in the present moment, and fills me with wonder and gratitude.

Getting clear on this value of mine really helped me to prioritize things that help me feel free in my daily life.  I know that in order for me to feel my best, I need to create the time and space for myself to meet my needs.

The overarching role of freedom for me in my life, means living in alignment with my soul’s’ purpose.

It means the ability to choose when, where, and how I spend my time and my energy. We each have a unique “freedom formula” that matches our dreams + desires and helps us feel more fully ourselves.

Today I want to invite you to think about one core value for you, that is a non-negotiable in your life.

What inspired action can you take today to honor that?

The more you take the time to do this, the more aligned your life will be with who you really are, and what you really want from your life.

And you deserve it all.

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