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How to Follow your Heart


Do you ever find yourself talking yourself out of your dreams?

Maybe you feel like they are too big, or too far-fetched. Maybe you feel like you don’t have the time, or the money, or the talent to actually achieve them. Or maybe someone else’s voice like your mom’s, or your partners appears in your head to tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t pursue your dream.

Well I’m here to tell you that your dreams are inside of you for a reason.  Every single one of us has a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. The dreams and desires in your soul are your purpose, and your roadmap.  Your soul doesn’t carry dreams that cannot be fulfilled. If you can dream it, you can do it! It’s just your job to listen, to pay attention, and to be bold enough to step out in this life as you.

For me, I knew I was on the wrong path for a long time, but because I was scared to take a step forward (because then I would actually have to put myself out there) I tried to push my deepest desires down so I wouldn’t have to face them. I tried to continue on in my day-to-day without disturbing the peace, thinking it would be easier.  But really, all that happened is the voice deep inside grew louder and louder, while I grew more and more unhappy, feeling like I was betraying myself everyday, until finally I had to stop and pay attention.

I realized one day that my fear of stepping out as me wasn’t as strong as my fear of missing my one chance in this life. And you know what, making that commitment to myself was the bravest thing I’d ever done. It taught me how to believe in myself, and fearlessly follow my dreams.

On the other side of your fear is the life you desire.  Take the chance, believe in yourself, and go after what you really want.  You only have this one life, and the world needs you at your most authentic.  

But I know that following your heart can be easier said than done.  Have you ever tried to “follow your heart, not your head” but wondered how on Earth you were supposed to tell the difference?

This was definitely me a few years back, when I was coming up against a time of major growth and transition.  There was a big fork in the road and I had no idea which one to take. One part of me was telling myself all the reasons why I should take one path, while another part was saying the opposite.  I was trying so hard to “follow my heart” but I had no idea which message to listen to. I was completely confused, and since I couldn’t make a decision, I was paralyzed. I couldn’t take a step forward.

Looking back on that time, I laugh because it’s so clear to me now that I knew exactly what the right answer was, I just didn’t want to see it, and didn’t trust myself enough to listen.  Fast forward from me feeling confused, lost, and totally stuck; unable to make a decision about my future or take a step forward, to me being completely clear on my life vision, and starting on a new path that felt purposeful and exciting.  I made some big changes that needed to be made, and fearlessly began following my heart. So, what changed?

I think there are a few key things to mention here when feeling stuck and unable to make a decision to move forward.

  1. More often than not, the right thing, is the harder thing, and that can be hard to face. Is there something that you want to be true, but isn’t? Are you trying to talk yourself out of a decision because you know it won’t be easy? Challenges are usually our greatest teachers, and bring the biggest rewards, so don’t let something hard scare you out of it.  You have what it takes to get through it, and I promise something better is waiting on the other side.
  2. Intuition is soft, the ego is loud.  Tune into the whispers of your heart.  Is there something inside of you longing for a change but then you come in with all the “what-ifs” and fear and judgement? Well that first soft voice you heard, the one whispering “I’d love to write a book” or “I wish I could be taken seriously as an artist” or “I want to start my own business. I don’t want to work for anyone besides myself.” That is your intuition, and all the negativity that followed, and probably overpowered, is just the ego.  Acknowledge that the ego is just trying to keep you safe, and then release it. It doesn’t serve you, and you don’t have to listen to it’s rambling.
  3. Confidence comes from doing.  We often wait around to start something or to act, putting it off until we gain the confidence, but actually, things just don’t work like that.  We get confidence when we DO. So start before you’re ready, and if you’re feeling stuck, just take a step. Once you make a decision, even if it’s not the “right” one, things will be so much clearer.

I hope this helps you to follow your heart, listen to your intuition, and always take steps forward towards the life that you want.

There is so much goodness waiting for you!

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