It’s time to remember the magic within you
so you can come out of hiding and share your authentic gifts with the world.

Dearest Sensitive Soul,

here's what i know

We -- the mothers, the seekers, the healers, the dreamers, the mystics, the intuitives, and the empaths -- will be the ones to change the world. 

We are soft and strong and feel it all. We cry with others in their pain and celebrate in their joy.

We care more about making a difference than about staying quiet or being who the world says we should be. (Even if we’re feeling stuck and silent right now.)

We are willing to go to the depths, ask the hard questions, and bring the world forward in our search for truth, beauty, and justice. 

"We are stars wrapped in skin
the light you seek
has always
been within” - rumi


Our patriarchal culture tries to fit us into boxes, disconnecting us from our truth and hiding our purpose and power from us, AND it’s those softer, more feminine identities and qualities that have been most oppressed, most disconnected. 

When empowered and in touch with our gifts, we become healers. Because when one woman heals, she heals generations. 

"one day you will look back and see that all along, you were blooming"

yet we're often made to feel wrong for all of that

when, in fact,we make this world a better place. 

There is so much magic within and around us that we are conditioned not to see, believe, or engage with. 

You are here with a purpose. Your soul has work to do.

You have unique gifts and medicine to share to help the world evolve, and there is ancient wisdom that lives in your body and intuition that can guide you forward toward creating a better world. 

(And, if we’re mothers, we’re a direct line of healing, literally raising the next generation!)


I’m here to uplift that inherent part of you and help you heal, find your voice, and remember your strength so you can connect to your magic, do your soul's work, and make the world a more beautiful, loving place. 

And I know what it’s like to feel too sensitive, too deep, and like the world is too much

Hi,I'm leila,

Ready to Get Started?

Soul Work Initiatress for Mamas & Compassionate Dreamers who are Here to Change the World. 

My own magic? 

Bridging the world of psychology with the world of the priestess in a way that weaves practical inner work with ritual as a rite of passage towards your world-changing purpose.

here are the ways
we can work together

read my story here


A catalyst in your corner for the fastest route to rebirth

Private Mentorship


Dedicated healing and guidance for immediate clarity and direction

Private Virtual Retreat Days 


A shared journey for growth and transformation in intimate community 

Wisdom Keepers Circle 


The foundations for a deeper, more feminine way of living and being

Everyday Ethereal 

you are meant for more

Heal . Awaken. Expand. Rise



Through our work you will:

Awaken to the truth, wisdom, and power within

embody self love & sovereignty through connecting to the sacred


The world needs you to


who you really are


rise in becoming your higher self and create a heart and soul led life


“Through coaching with Leila, I have been able to find answers and move past so many of my doubts and fears. She has a very unique and gentle way to guide you through your intentions and find immediate solutions for them. Her technique is powerful and on point. She always helps you to connect to your own answers within. I feel heartfelt gratitude for our work together!”

-Nilima Surve 

“Leila has a way about her that immediately puts you at ease and allows for your deepest things to come to the surface. Her wisdom, insight, and her energy facilitate powerful transformation. She’s an expert at holding a safe space of compassion, and coaching with her is like building a relationship with a best friend and a mentor in one. If you are looking to better yourself or call more into your life, Leila is the one to help you get there!”

-Hannah Weber