leila anne

The calling you carry? To be a source of light and goodness on this earth?
Now is the time to break free of what stands in the way of you living it fully -

transcending stuckness, anxiety, shame, disconnection-

so that you can rise and live your most joyful, purposeful, meaningful, soulful life. 


Let's Begin Your Journey to Deep Nourishment, Healing, and Alignment

Through trauma-informed coaching, ancient feminine wisdom and holistic healing modalities, I’ll guide you to transcend what stands in your way - anxiety, overwhelm, and disconnection - so that you can live and lead with peace, presence, and purpose. 

Restore peace, balance, and harmony to yourself and to our world. 

Mother with joy and reverence.

Create ripples of healing in the world.

Live closer to nature and your true nature: whole, connected, sacred, free.

will you join me?

I'm Leila.

Women's Mentor & Mother Tender
Mentor, Mother,
Priestess, Poet

Here’s what I see happening in our world -

Brilliant, heart-led women hiding their beautiful voices. Pushing aside their true callings. Forgetting the depth of their inner beauty. Conditioned out of trusting their instincts and intuition. Thinking that the world’s disharmony is too big for them to transform.

Here’s what I want you to know -

You are meant to be seen, to shine, to shower this earth with your magic and wisdom. And becoming HER requires your healing and liberation.

more about me

As someone who spent many years letting anxiety, fear, and self-rejection lead the way before finally awakening to the power of my inner wisdom and compass (thanks to the birth of my daughter), I'm here to tell you - you can step into the woman you most want to be - and live a life that feels deeply meaningful, joyful, and on purpose.


The Daily Practice Guidebook: return home to soul

My 10 steps to cultivating harmony within and creating a more soul-led and self-honoring way of living and being.

Learn my foundational rituals and practices to integrate into your daily life to support you in reconnecting with your essence, your intuition & inner wisdom, and come back home to your self and center.



A community space for wise, sensitive, deeply caring women exploring feminine rites of passage, honoring cyclical nature, mothering from the center, and walking in truth.

Regular emails on cultivating an intentional, beautiful, authentic, meaningful, soulful, enchanted life.